Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Testimony Tuesday - Break and chip resistance

You know the expression " carved in stone", well this one is printed on the back of Corning ware plate "chip and break resistance".  My MIL have a couple of sets of corningware/corelle for many years.  When she first got them, she was showing off to her friends how she would drop them on the floor, throw them across the room and it wouldn't break.  But many years later she accidentally drop them on the counter and it shattered to many pieces.  Of course, the company replaced it without question ask.  Last year we decided to change our plates from ceramic plates to a simple white and black Corning ware set.  We love them as they stack easily and you don't have to be so so careful when washing them as we know they are unbreakable until yesterday.  While Jeff was putting away the dishes from the dishwasher to the cabinet, one small plate hit the countertop and I heard a crash.  The plate broke and shattered to many pieces.  Even today, we are still finding tiny pieces on the floor and counter.  On Sunday, we decided to call the store and they told us to bring it and they will replace it, no receipt needed.  So my testimony - Corelle/Corningware products do BREAK.  They should remove those words that is printed on every item and replace it with "may chip or break in many pieces by accident".


The one on the left is our current plate and they can only replace it with one that is on the left. Bummer.

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