Friday, February 10, 2017

Fluster Friday - All over the place

What happens when you are not completely recovered from whatever illness you caught from people?  You stay at home and rest and hope for the best.  But what if you get bored from doing nothing.  Well, for some of us, we have our hobbies or crafts to keep us entertained.  So here's a few things that I have completed while I was not quite up to par. By the way I also did some baking and cooking.  I made a big pot of cream of potato soup for my MIL and made some Leche Flan for me, Pam (my neighbor) and Sylvia (MIL's) neighbor.

I tried this new flavor of potato chips - it does taste like my new favorite drink.

I sewed a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom and our bathroom.

I made this cell phone charger holder and a IPhone holder for my sister in law Jodi.

This photo reminds me of some scary movie or something from Halloween.
And finally after two months of not bowling, we decided to try it out and look at my score. 

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