Sunday, February 26, 2017

Skills Sunday - Like a twin

When our friends moved to Discovery Bay, we found out that where they live is like going to a resort.  They don't really have a backyard with grass or trees, there backyard is actually the bay itself.  Their deck has a set of stairs that goes down toward their boat dock which is not being used as they still have to get a boat.  Our first trip there was like going on a weekend get away.  We packed our bag for an overnight or maybe two nights.  While I help my friend to do some unpacking and organizing, Jeff and Gil (my golf buddy) built a work bench in the garage.  These guys are like twins in more ways than one. The bench was done before dinner time.  When working on a project, they are so coordinated, meticulous and truly paying attention to details.  Almost forgot to mention that they are in the same line of work.  A month later after our first visit, we were back at their place for another weekend.  This time we stayed a couple of nights and the guys started on a bigger project.  They were building a shed on the side of the house.  After two days of work, the floor, framing and roof was complete.  Although Jeff was not there to help Gil finish the rest of the work, he was appreciative of the work Jeff had put it.  So here's the finished product.  I told these guys that if they were younger, they could be building tiny homes.  


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