Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Washable Wednesday - Produce bags

When someone ask if I can do some sewing items for them, I usually get excited because it might be a challenging project.  My BFF's daughter who lives in Vancouver ask me if I could make her a few reusable produce bags (five in total) and travel toothbrush holder (only 3).
She sent me the link of what exactly she was describing so I could see them.  I looked it up and decided, that's easy since I have made other type of bags before.  She was not picky with fabric so I just use some of my leftover material and started measuring what I needed.  I stopped by the fabric store to buy half a yard of the netting fabric for my insert so you could see the produce inside the bag.  Since I had a few more extra fabric, I added a couple of washable snack/sandwich bag which she can use when she returns to work next month.  As for the toothbrush holder, I would have to just be creative as I only have a photo and I have never made them before.  Since I have made a lot of different holders, I thought this too would be a breeze.  The only thing I have to remember is to do an insert made of plastic for the brush part.  I haven't started this last item so you will have to wait until next post.

The first try and it was perfect.
Celery bag.

Perfect for three romaine lettuce hearts.

Leftover fabric is great for making snack/sandwich bags.

Lemons, Limes or onions bag.

Maybe some vine or roma or cherry tomatoes.

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