Sunday, May 1, 2016

Succulent Sunday - The perfect plant

First day of May.  My favorite month.  Summer is almost here. It's time to check out the Nursery for some new plants specially succulents.  With the drought that they keep insisting we are experiencing, even though all our water barrels are full, succulents are fun and easy to grow. Some of the plants have done so well and of course one or two are struggling.  This month I want to add more to my succulents collection.  As much as flowering plants are pretty and colorful, I find it harder to take care off and the bad experience from a few years ago makes me think it's not worth the time and money.  There are a few big pots that I will use for my new variety of succulents.  For now, check out the few that I have.  

They might be small, but they are my survivors.

This one is definitely getting too much sun.

The little plant has been struggling ever since the beginning.

This is the healthiest of all the jade plants and it all started from a small clipping from my MIL's jade.

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