Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Welcome Wednesday - My new laptop

Do you recall my Sunday post? Remember how I was giving my Jeff a hard time?  Well, I came home after golf on Monday and there it was.  A big box with a card and a flower from our garden.  Of course I felt awful because I did not get him a gift for our anniversary, although I gave him a card that I created.  So even though I know what was in the box, I was still excited to see what it's like since I only had a preview on line. First of all it was very very light.  It looked sharp and very elegant and classy because it's black with a bit of shine.  If you know Jeff really well, you would know that he would be more excited than me when it comes to techie toys.  He got the laptop plugged and started in no time.  Because it has the windows 10 operating system, he advised me that there are a few things that might be different from my previous computer.  In no time, it was all set up and it was time for me to check it out.  There were a few things that I still wanted him to install and he did.  By the end of the evening, I was all set to try my new laptop.  The key board had the nice touch and makes typing so light.  The colors are vibrant and the different icons on the window menu are so cool.  Today for the first time I am doing this post on my new ASUS notebook PC.

After a couple of days, I am loving it because it's fast and truly there's nothing that is difficult about Windows 10.  Of course, I don't use it for a lot of things.  Basically to check my emails, do some blogging, every now and again use Skype, and maybe a little bit of surfing the web.  Almost forgot one cute feature, I have these mini post it notes that I can use as reminders.  

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