Monday, May 23, 2016

Material Monday - More items to sew

Before I begin, let me wish all my Canadian family and friends a Happy Victoria Day or they say May two four weekend.  It's their long weekend and while most will enjoy staying close to home doing chores or projects, others will try and do a small get away for their four days.
Since I won't be celebrating it the same way as they do, I am still thinking of what I would do if I was there.  Probably will do a round of golf with some of my girlfriends.  Maybe visit my daughter and in laws just in case they are having a BBQ.  But since I have more sewing to do, I will be doing that because I have had my dining room and living room area look like a sweat shop for a couple of months now.  My MIL was so nice and helpful with my projects.  She is a very good cutter and very experienced in doing embroideries.  I gave her all the left over fabrics to cut for my potato bags and fabric wallets.  Now they are all ready for me to put them together and sew.  Aside from those, I have a couple of kitchen towels to finish and an order of Sharks apron which I haven't started. But there's a special flip flop that I did for the bride who is getting married in June.  Since she will be having a destination wedding, I thought she will definitely need a bridal flip flop.

There's eight here and I have 17 more to do.

This is instruction that goes inside the bag.

The bride will definitely be the only one who has this style of flip flops.


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