Friday, May 13, 2016

Fairway Friday - I am truly in love with golf

Many years ago when I first started playing golf, I said to myself that maybe this was not for me.  It is the most difficult sport that I ever picked to try and do.  Most of the sports that I play did not start at a young age.  In fact I did not want to play any when I was in my teens because I did not want to have any scar or marks on my legs due to cuts or accidents that happen during a particular sports.  My legs were much more important then.  I played a little tennis in my 20's, started playing squash in mid 30's and tried golf in my mid 40's and then gave up.  At some point many of my girl friends from work played golf and I started going a bit more with them, but I was at the bottom all the time.  One of the things that I wanted to do when I retire was to golf at least once a week and maybe more.  Now that I have my regular foursome, I am really enjoying each and every round because I did improve
with time.  Most of the time we don't even score so we can truly have fun.  Sometimes they find great deals on some harder courses but it's all worth it.  I am not scared to try them as long as I have fun doing what I love the most, be outdoors and getting some exercise.  In the last four months we have gone to beautiful golf courses in the Bay area and some are out of town courses.  Recently we have named our group as "the three old men and a babe".  They are very easy going guys who just want to have a day doing what they love to do - Play Golf.
Here's a list of the golf courses that I have played since 2010.
  • Pacific Grove Golf Links
  • Cinnibar Hills
  • The Ranch
  • Coyote Creek
  • Bayonet Golf Course
  • Spring Valley
  • Spring Hills
  • Santa Teresa
  • San Jose Municipal
  • Los Lagos
  • Sunnyvale Municipal
  • Poplar Hills
  • Pajaro Valley GC
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Summit Point
  • The course at Wente Vineyards
  • Boulder Creek
  • Table Mountain
 Here's a photo from Pacific Grove - poor man's Pebble Beach. 

I realized that I'll never be able to have awesome scores but I am happy with my game.  It takes a lot of practice hours, lessons, maybe even great clubs to obtain a certain score but since I don't have time and patience for these requirement, it is what it is and I am having a great time each time I play with my group, my other friends and once in a while in a tournament.  I just love GOLF.

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