Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sorry Sunday - "You are not my mom" says Jeff

Happy Mother's day to all my family, friends, followers and readers.  Today is your day to celebrate the one day a year when we don't do anything.  Well, at least that's how I want to spend my mother's day.  After I move here, each year I would ask Jeff what I want for mother's day.  His response is always the same "You are not my mom".  So the first couple of years I felt a little sad but then I realize what he meant.  I am not even the mother of his only son.  This year I was thinking of boycotting mother's day.  Jeff thought I was upset that I was not going to get a card or gift nor taken out for dinner.  He suggested that he will take his mother for dinner and I could come along if I want.  Maybe it would be nice to be asked what I wanted to do, but this line keeps ringing in my mind, "you are no my mom".  This year I thought of writing a poem titled "You are not my mom".    

Happy mother's day to me, who is a mother, a wife and a friend
A mother who cooks, does the laundry and even knows how to mend.
The wife who understands, who is patient and always attend,
To all the needs of husband and children to the bitter end. 
 "You are not my mom" is the response that I always get
When I wanted a gift or a treat I thought I deserve and yet
Don't get me wrong Jeff is a generous man but his ways are set
But I guess I get it, I am not his mother and I won't forget it.

 To all the mothers who are like me, I hope you enjoy this post, the flowers and the cake.

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