Friday, May 20, 2016

Failure Friday - Bon Chon restaurant

Do you know what it feels like to crave for some particular food or get excited about a new restaurant only to find out they are not what you expected?  This one particular restaurant failed at every aspect of that.  I am talking about the new Bon Chon on Princeton Plaza located in San Jose, CA.  I got all excited when I found out they opened one near my MIL's house.  Jeff and I have been to the one in Sunnyvale and our experience were totally different.  The chicken wings were great as well as the service.  We didn't even know about this restaurant until my daughter told me to check it out.  So on Friday with my MIL, we decided to check it out.  There was no line up as it was after the lunch hour crowd.  We got there a little before one and got seated immediately.  It took a while before the waitress came to take our drink order which was just water.  Then it took a while to get her attention so we can order, still no water.  My MIL ordered the beef sliders with some korean beef but she wanted NO coleslaw.  On the menu the shrimp shu mai looked delicious and since I wanted something quick, I chose that.  I asked her how long it will take since both were appetizer items, she replied "15 minutes".  Our water did not arrive until after 10 minutes and the sliders arrive after 20 minutes with the coleslaw so it went back to the kitchen.  Then I asked about my order and she said, " did you want it fried or steamed", I almost said "cooked".
The sliders arrived after 5 minutes and still no lunch for me.  After another 10 minutes, there it was. Not exactly like the photo but I was hungry. It looks like the frozen kind you buy but I decided to eat it and after three, that was enough.  I decided to ask another waiter if it was frozen and he did not know the answer.  Our waitress came back and told me that they don't make it there but buy it from some other company.  OK basically they buy it at an Asian supermarket.  OMG, we were so disappointed for that whole experience.  It's good my MIL gave me one of her slider because she didn't want me to get hungry.  We paid and left no tip.
I am not a very picky person and can eat almost anything but this one was not just the food but the service as well.  If I wanted to eat frozen food, I could just do it at home.  This restaurant does not deserve any star.  I was thinking of submitting a review on Yelp but they are not even worth my time.  This post was enough and they have already wasted some of my precious time.

Very basic- meat, one cucumber and an onion ring.

The outside was squishy and the inside did not have any shrimp at all.

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