Thursday, May 26, 2016

Throwback Thursday - I think that's the right word

While cleaning some of the photos on my phone, I found a couple of really cute pictures that I thought of sharing today.  But before I do, let me tell you the recent DIY on a hat I got at the Dollar Store.  Jeff suggested that I get one for the upcoming trip.  Since I have been sort of checking out some of the hats in other stores,  there was not one that actually look good on my head.  I guess I am not one of those with the right shape of head.  Most of the hat I wear are the ones for golf.  Actually they are called caps as in baseball caps.  But somehow this particular hat fits perfectly and is the right color.  Hey, it's only a dollar and if after a few days or weeks or if for some reason I lose it, no big deal right.  When we got home, I started looking for some left over fabric, laces and ribbons.  What gave me the idea on the hat are those from the Kentucky Derby.  So here's the result of my little creativity to make my dollar hat a bit more classy.  Ha ha!

My new summer hat.

Each time I see these pretty cute baby shoes, I feel like making more.

Definitely making more of these beautiful baby shoes in the fall.

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