Saturday, May 21, 2016

Surprise Saturday - My daughter is the best

When it comes to keeping a surprise a secret, I can only think of one person, my daughter.  Yesterday I came home and there was a package for me.  At first I thought, I did not order anything and Jeff did not order anything for me.  Then I checked the label which was torn in half, it was from my Alysia.  Of course I had to open it very quickly and I was truly surprised what was inside.  What is funny is that I sent my daughter a package a week ago and she got it also yesterday.  Most of the time I am so excited about sending her stuff but I cannot keep quiet, I have to send her a text.  I think it's because we have had several different mishaps about packages that I have to keep her updated to make sure she's informed and if necessary track it.  I took a photo of everything so I can share with you my surprise package.

Here's my other surprise - at bowling last Tuesday - check out my score.

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