Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What the cup Wednesday - thought it was a cafe?

When you see a new restaurant in your neighborhood with a name "what the cup", how can you not check it out.  At first we thought it was going to be a coffee shop but when I saw the bowl on their logo, I new it would be some sort of noodle place.  Sure enough it was a Ramen
place.  The day we check it out was after we already had lunch at the Pho place right next door.  We asked our friend who lives around the area of this particular restaurant and he said it was pretty good although his wife thinks it's a little too salty.  Now that we have all the info, we can make our decision.  Jeff is not a fan of ramen and I try to stay away from too salty foods.  I guess we won't be trying this particular one and just say "WHAT THE CUP?"  Now that I have covered the topic of the day, I wanted to share more photos of  foods we have recently tried. 

Oxtail, dirty rice and plantain from Backayard (downtown San Jose)

Appetizer plate from Oros Thai Restaurant around our area

The well known Pad Thai from Oros as well.


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