Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wondering Wednesday - Being creative

Once a week I go through the food items in the fridge to make sure nothing is going bad or maybe growing moldy.  This weekend I noticed we have a bag of red grapes that we have not been eating.  The reason, we really did not think it was that great texture and taste wise.  So I did not want to throw it away, so I research for something I could do with it.  The only one that I could do using the grapes and what I already have in the pantry is making Grape Jelly.  It was not difficult at all and since I don't have a lot of grapes, I made a small batch which resulted in two small jars and one regular.  Since it will only be good for six months, I will share it with my MIL's friend Sylvia as she loves the Orange marmalade I have made before.  After finishing the jelly, I realized I still have one pie crust that needed to be used by the end of February.  The last time I made the Coconut Pecan pie which was really delicious that I was able to share half of the pie with my friend Jean.  I always wondered what it would taste if I use the young coconut sport aka Macapuno to replace the flaked coconuts.  Surprisingly enough, it worked and the pie is even tastier than the first one I made.  I am calling it the Macapuno Pecan Pie.  It is truly amazing what you can make if you are creative and not afraid of trying a variety of things that you have not made before.  By the way, this weekend I decided to make crepes for breakfast using the recipe from the box of Pancake mix. Since I was the only one having these, I cut the recipe in half which produced a total of seven crepes.  Instead of syrup, I used the dulce de leche made by a friend.  So so yummy!

Home made crepes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and dulce de leche.

Home made Grape Jelly

Macapuno Pecan Pie

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