Monday, March 14, 2016

Mopped Monday- Where's the shine

Whatever it was that we were using on our hardwood floors are not available anymore or if they are, the definitely changed the solution.  After Jeff installed all the hardwood floors in the house, he started using this item called ZEP that came in a blue container that we bought from Home Depot.  We have been using it for almost three years and then when we ran out, we went back to Home Depot and we could not find the exact same one.  After asking one of the employee, he led us to the same section only to show us the same name but in a different colored container.  So we bought it in a bigger container since we have the spray bottle at home.  It was time to clean our floors so Jeff started in the kitchen/dining are and then the living room.  The next day after the floors were completely dry, he noticed that they were not as shiny as before.  Anyway, after many times cleaning with the same stuff,  Jeff noticed that the solution was just leaving a film on the floor.  We tried other solutions but it left the same film and it looks very dull.  I decided to search for solutions online and we decided to go back to the old school type of cleaning - Water and Vinegar.  Jeff tried it first in his office and the guest room.  The next day I tried it on the main floor area.  It looked even worst so we both repeated the same mopping/cleaning with the water vinegar solution and this time I added a teaspoon of lemon.  The third time Jeff used some old white towels and got on his hands and knees.  We couldn't not believe it the next morning.  It was not dull anymore, it felt really clean but still not as shiny.  We both think that we are on the right track.  Keep using the Water, Vinegar and lemon solution.  Hopefully all that previous stuff that was making the floor looked dull will eventually get cleaned by this solution.  As I write this blog, my feet felt how clean the floors are.  It is truly amazing how simple household items are better than all the stuff they sell.  How do you clean your hardwood floor? Any other secret?

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