Thursday, March 17, 2016

Teddy bye Thursday - Happy St. Patrick's Day

When I hear the words "Teddy Bye", there's only one person that it reminds me of.  His name is John D. and he is very dear friend who happens to be Irish.  Today I am dedicating this post to all my Irish friends and to the rest of the people of Ireland.  How did I spend my St. Patrick's day, you might ask? Let me give you a clue.  It involves being outdoors with three other buddies and we do a lot of walking.  It was very appropriate in celebration of St. Patrick's day, to be out in the golf course.  The course was in perfect condition due to the recent rain that California is getting.  By the way, my friend John was the one who introduced me to golf.  One regret is that I should have accepted his invitation to see Ireland with him.  Maybe someday Jeff and I could travel to Ireland and Scotland. 

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