Friday, March 4, 2016

Frustrating Friday - PBB

PBB stands for people behaving badly.  There's a segment on one of the nightly news where the host features drivers who are doing stupid things on the road.  Of course it's not just about drivers on the road, the show covers a variety of issues but basically it's all about people behaving badly.  Today's post is all about the PBB since my whole week was filled with these type of people.  Let's go back to the beginning of the week.  Monday, I am on way to play golf at one of of the golf course around San Jose.  While I sit and wait to wait for the light to turn green, the car behind me honks.  Ooops, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am sitting at a corner where there's a sign NO RIGHT TURN ON RED.  Of course I don't move because I can see the sign and obviously the driver in the car behind me either can't see or can't read or he is a PBB.  The problem is he has no room to pass by so he had to wait.  Finally the light turns green and just to annoy him, I started really slow and of course he zooms to the left of me and immediately cut me off even though there are no other cars around us.  What is funny is that there are several places that has this big sign NO RIGHT TURN ON RED and it's amazing how many people just breezes through them.  Tuesday, after dropping of Jeff at his workplace, I am waiting at a different NO RIGHT TURN ON RED corner when I heard a honk, a male driver on a white BMW SUV.  I am not going to mention what I think about BMW drivers.  Anyway, obviously he was in a hurry and did not want to wait but he had too as he was behind me.  As the green light comes on, I see a group of pedestrians trying to cross so of course I stop to let them cross (I'm still a Canadian) but got startled when I hear another honk.  Of course I did not move but since he had enough room he passes to find out the pedestrians were in his way so he had to stop.  What is funny, all seven pedestrian slowed down, gave him the look (like mouthing off what the hell) and kept walking across but still staring at him.  The BMW zoomed away only to stop at the red light and I am right beside him.  I tried to see if he would look my way but he was too busy texting.  A PBB? definitely.  Wednesday, was a little different but have seen it so many times I just smile but make sure I can cross safely.  I am talking about the pedestrian crosswalk in front of the San Jose Police Department Building.  One would think that drivers would slow down or maybe pay attention to the sign.  NOT.  My coworker and I were on our way back from lunch and this red SUV just breezes through while we were on the second line of the crosswalk.  There were two cars behind this driver that slowed down and stop while the other two cars coming from a different direction already were stopped.  I wonder what that driver was thinking.  "Oh I can see two cars stopped and there's two people trying to cross, what should I do? ah, who cares, they can wait, there are no yellow lights blinking or a stop sign".  What is weird is that all these people have a California Drivers License.  Do you know how to do a California Stop? 

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