Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Well-done Wednesday - It's so YUMMY!

This past weekend we were invited for dinner at our friends J&G.  We have not seen her for a while as she was busy with her daughter, her grandson and in addition she was decorating.  Since she was making dinner I offered to bring the dessert.  At first I wanted to try this new recipe I found.  It's called Tiramisu Crepe Cake and then I remembered that she and her husband are not fond of crepe nor Tiramisu.  It didn't take me along time to figure out what my alternative was since I know some of her favorite dessert.  Instead I chose to make the Pineapple upside down cake which turned out great.  During our visit we talked about our plans for vacations, etc.  She asked me if I would be around in May because she would like to order the Coconut Pecan Pie for her birthday.  That is her number one favorite so of course I said yes.  Maybe this weekend since it's Easter I will try to make the Tiramisu Crepe Cake for Jeff because Tiramisu is one of his favorites.  Of course he loves chocolate chip cookies, brownies, donuts, cakes, well, basically anything sweet.  Does that make him a really sweet guy? 

Coconut Pecan Pie
Image result for tiramisu crepe cake
I plan to make a smaller cake with only 20 crepes which be half the height of this cake.


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