Monday, March 21, 2016

Matching Monday - Finding the right match

Last year I decided to sign up on a volunteer site which sends me some openings for organizations that are looking for volunteer.  So far I have found one that was very interesting and although it was only a one day event, they advised me that it is a continuing program and most likely do another in the spring.  Yesterday I received a new notice of at least five different organizations that have some openings for volunteers.  There was one particular one that caught my attention as it involves sewing some items and the duration is only a couple of weeks.  They will supply the material and the item that volunteers will sew will be sent to some girls in Cameroon.  It is a great feeling when you have a few hours to donate and share your knowledge and experience.  Although I have my ongoing volunteer work twice a week, I know that I can still find some time for a great cause.  Keeping busy is a must when you are retired.  It doesn't matter if you are involved in a special hobby, or a sports that you love or maybe even working part-time.  When you are busy, your mind is constantly working and at the same time your body benefits from it as well.  Finding the right match for yourself is a perfect way to volunteer so you will enjoy whatever it might be.

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