Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Textile Tuesday - Used tennis balls

It was a rainy day yesterday so I stayed home and continued my sewing projects. I completed the rest of the Binki clips as well as a couple of reversible aprons that was an order from Jane.  After all of these were done, I sat for a few minutes and wondered what I should do next since it was still mid afternoon.  Then I realized I need to look for a small box for a package I needed to ship.  While in the garage I noticed the big basket of used tennis balls that we have collected since I moved here which was five years ago.  So there's a lot.  At one time I was going to donate it to the school around the corner so they can use it for their kids program, but I completely forgot about it.  I asked Jeff if he has any idea on what we can do with them.  He said "google it".  So I did and immediately I got excited.  I saw a photo and I knew I could do it without having a pattern, etc.  As of today I have completed two and I will give the first one I made to my friend Debbie so she can test it on her three doggies.  If it passes, then I will get busy and make as many as I can using all the tennis balls we have.  What is great about it is that I can use all the left over textile from all the different projects I have made.  They will definitely be so colorful the dogs would love to play with it.  Wait a minute, I need to name it.  In honor of my SIL's dog, I will name this the Tango Toy.

Tango Toy

Binki aka pacifier holder

Reversible apron

The other side of the above apron.

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