Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sewing Sunday - Back into gear

All it took was my daughter asking me if I still remember how to make little boys bow ties.  It was a while ago when I made a few for her nephew Blake because he loves wearing bow ties.  This time my daughter was asked to make them for one of her nieces 2nd birthday party.  My daughter ask me if I had the time and maybe I can make it.  Of course I have the time, I'm retired.  I figured between my golf and volunteer, there should be a day where I can squeeze in some sewing.  It so happen that Thursday was a rainy day therefore NO golf.  Perfect, I can start making the bow ties in order for me to mail it the next day as the deadline was March 26.  By the way, my daughter also asked if I can make some baby girl stuff as one of her BFF just had a baby.  Last Tuesday I stopped by Hancock Fabrics to check out some fabrics for the bow ties.  The store was closing and everything was on  sale, at least 30 percent of.  I took photos of the pattern for my daughter to choose from and I bought some extra yards that I can use for making potato bags, tote bags and whatever else I wish to make.  I figured I might as well start sewing some items for Christmas gifts or in case we have another neighborhood Christmas bazaar sale.  Here's what I have sewn for the past few days and today I ended up making pillow covers for the new pillows I bought for our guest room.  

For Carla's new born baby girl.

Introducing Pinku
Nemuidesu - japanese for sleepy

Reading glasses case for my sister

New born bib for Kiera's baby who is due anytime.

Jackson's first bow tie.

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