Saturday, October 31, 2015

Frightened Friday - Halloween is here

Frightened, scared, trembling and afraid. This is what Halloween does to me.  The only thing I like about trick or treating are the candies that we buy each year.  We usually buy the packages that has all our favorites so we can eat the leftovers.  What is scary? It seems like the neighborhood we live in enjoys decorating their front yard with the scariest items.  A couple of nights before Halloween we tried to find the two homes that had the scariest front yard.  In a way I was glad they were not there but I wanted to share some photos.  I guess they had moved and the only one I was able to take a photo is not even scary, it was actually funny. We ended up going to our friends for dinner so we did not give out candies from our home but brought our share to hand out.  It seems like we have more leftovers of candies each year as the number of children going out dwindles.

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