Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday- Where to go next

When I retire, I will travel and see the world.  Once we are retired, we will have all the time to travel.  These are just a couple of statement you hear from friends, family and people in general.  Do you really have all the time to travel once you are retired?  Maybe or maybe not.  It's not just time because you now have to put aside funds for travels as you retired income is less than when you were employed.  But it also depends on where you live which is what I am experiencing.  When I use to live in a certain part of Canada where winters are very long, you really have to plan a holiday once or twice a year to give yourself a break.  One of the incentives of living up North was that employers provide airfares to their employees and family annually in order to travel.  I am not sure if that is still applicable now.  We were a little spoiled because we were able to take advantage of that and we look forward to it every year.  When I moved to the eastern part of Canada where you truly experience the four seasons, it wasn't as bad not to go away every year, although friends and family do go away a lot so some warmer climate during the winter months.  Now that I live in sunny California, where the weather is nice every day even when it's cloudy and lately no rain, I don't have that same desire to get away.  Although lately I am experiencing a travel withdrawal.  I am sure you just read the post about Viking cruise and we are looking forward to an all inclusive trip to DR next year.  Yesterday while checking my email I just read an update on my AC miles will now have an expiry date.  Now I need to figure out where we can go next year so I can use it as it's good for one trip for two people.  There was no such rule before so I need to figure it out as booking a trip using air miles is not as easy as before.  You need to book at least 3 months or maybe more in order to get the right amount of points.  I could offer my points to my daughter and her husband but she does not have enough vacation leave to visit us.  Where to go next?  I've selected a few photos of favorite destination, how many can you identify or which one have you visited? Happy Travels.

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