Friday, October 2, 2015

Flowery Friday - What a nice surprise!

Even with the drought, I was surprised by some of the flowers that Jeff has planted in our front yard.  Most of the plants are watered in the morning before 800 am or after 800 pm.  But even with that control, some plants need a bit more and some did not survive.  The front yard is getting browner.  What I don't understand is that annoying ivy does not die.  Majority of the leaves are brown but as soon as it gets a bit of water from the short period of rain, new leaves come up.  I truly hate these ivy but it is such a chore to take them out because the roots are so deep and they are very strong.  I remember when Jeff took half of them, it took him over the whole weekend to hack, pull, and dig.  Anyway, here's some of the flowers that are not looking too bad even with the drought.

Our vegetable garden is done for the season, although we might have one more yellow squash to harvest, two green peppers, a few more cherry tomatoes and a couple of jalapeno peppers.  After it's clean up, Jeff will plant all his winter selection of crop which I'm not sure what.  I will just have to wait until they are all grown and ready for harvest.  The weather is starting to cool off at night and early morning.  We all know what that means.  Fall and then Winter.  Everyone is hoping that we will get a lot of rain this winter.  We look forward to seeing the hills turning green.  Unfortunately we don't have the amazing turning of the leaves like what Ontario, Canada has.   Here's what I use to enjoy when I was residing there.

 Image result for turning of the leaves in Ontario Canada

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