Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trailer Tuesday - Are we ready for an RV?

Please don't get alarmed when you read this.  We are not selling the house so we can buy a trailer.  But this weekend we stop by an RV lot and started checking out some of the smaller type of RV for travelling.  You might ask, really you are going to living in it?  Answer is NO, but there's no harm in checking it out and actually see what's available out there.  The first one we checked is a Jamboree, at least that's the name I saw out side.  I was very surprised at the space inside.  The second one was called a Minnie Winnie which was my favorite because of the layout.  The last one was called Thor Axis which is 25 ft long but the windshield was a wrap around type that you can see so clearly everything in front and sides.
On most of these there was so much storage and every space is used for something.  The bathroom is not too shabby as the shower is wide enough for two.  The sink is smaller but counter space is plenty.  As for the kitchen, the only thing that it's going to be hard to get use to is the gas stove.  They have a very nice fridge as well as a microwave.  Anyway, the salesperson told us that we should rent one for a weekend to see how it feels and if it's actually what we would like the way to travel.  A very good suggestion because you don't want to spend that money for a toy that after one time use, you realize that it's not your style. Of course this is not something we need to decide, this is just an idea/concept. 

Image result for thor vegas rv
Thor Axis- Vegas model


Image result for minnie winnie rv
Inside the Minnie Winnie
Image result for jamboree RV

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