Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sailing Saturday - Viking Cruise

There is something very interesting and exciting about this Viking Cruise.  The first time I saw a brochure in our mail was about five years ago when I first moved here.  We are not experienced cruise traveler but we have been on three and it has been fun.  Although I have to really express my disappointment with NCL - Norweigian Cruise Line.  The destination was different because it was an Alaskan Cruise.  I know I have posted my issues with them.
It's in the past and I am over it but I know that the next we go on another cruise it won't be with them.  Now each time I see the commercial on TV about the Viking Cruises, I start imagining us being on one of their ship.  In case you have not heard about them, here's some amazing points that I found on their site.
  • Their destinations and itineraries are so unique.
  • The tours at destinations are included.
  • The 24 hour room service is also included.
  • There's less stateroom in the ship which means the service is more personal.
  • Their chef shares his experience and even recipe for passengers to try at home.
  • The activities on board are educational and historical.
When would be a good time to do one of these expensive cruise?  I think maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary.  This is a great way to see some of the European countries and their culture, art and cuisine.  It would also be fitting if we go in the month of May so it will be a double celebration as I would turn 65 that same year.  Which means I only have three years to convince Jeff and plan this big adventure.  For now I am just dreaming but hopefully we can actually do it.
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