Monday, November 2, 2015

Must have Monday - It's hard to resist

It's very hard to resist certain foods that are some of my favorites when I lived in Canada.  A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the Okanagan are of British Columbia.  Some call it the Napa of the North and truly it is very similar when you see the area with so many wineries. While we do a bit of travelling and research as to which area might be good to retire someday, I found some of my favorites that I started craving for them.  Some of the foods we tasted were a bit of a surprise and the others were just what I was hoping for.  What was difficult was that since we were staying at a hotel for 7 days, we were eating out three times a day for that many days.  It's different when you are visiting friends or family, at least you get some home cooked meals.  Although we could have stayed in a place where there is cooking facilities, but that means we have to get our supply and actually make meals.  This will take time from our mission.  Anyway, we accomplished what we were there for and here's my must have foods.

Perogies served at the restaurant at one of the golf course.

Breakfast at Rosalinda's - Filipino Canadian restaurant

Warm donuts at Montana's in Kelowna

Deep Fried Oreos at Match bar and grill in Vernon

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