Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tilted Tuesday - Just nit picking

Lately some of the shows that I have been watching is starting to irritate me a little.  Jeff says if you are not enjoying it, then don't watch it.  My response, it's not that at all, I still enjoy watching it, but there's certain parts of the show that I can't help but nit pick.  Here's some of my latest.
  • Dancing with the starts - I do not understand how some of the judges provide their scores. There are nights where the best dancers only get a 6 or 7 and a couple of the stars who are not that good, actually cannot dance gets a 5 or 6.  It is also interesting that they seem to sugar coat their comments on the older stars, almost afraid to hurt their feelings.  And yet they are so quick to judge one little error that Bindi or Nick or Carlos (he is a great dancer with lots of rhythm).  Like I said, I'm just nit picking.  Someday I actually want to see those judges actually do a hard dance routine with one of the pros and let the some other stars give them their score.  I am sure JH will be the only one who will have a perfect score.
  • Celebrity Name Game - This is a morning game show that I started watching last year, I think.  Anyway, the nit picking on this show is how terrible some of the contestants and sometime even the guest star for the episode.  I can understand that some of the clues are very difficult specially if there's an age difference between contestants and shows of the past.  But it's just some of the general knowledge question.  For example, one female did not know the name of the place where the US president works.  A lot of them also are not so familiar with their own US geography.  Lately they have change the format to make it easier. The first part they choose a letter which means all the answers will begin with that particular letter.  The response they provide is not even close. When it comes to the guest star, it's difficult to watch when they can't respond to clues that are about movie or TV stars.  They are all in that same world and they have no clue who they are.  If you haven't seen this game show, try to watch at least one.  
  • Modern Family - I started watching this one because Jeff likes the show and they have received a lot of awards for their comedy.  It was fine at the beginning but the more and more I watch it, I just don't find it that funny anymore.  Some of the cast are truly annoying, maybe that's the purpose of the show, is to annoy you.  The only reason why I watch it now is because I really enjoy Sofia Vergara's role and she is very funny.
There's only one show that I just love and there's nothing to nit pick about it.  The Big Bang Theory.  It is such an entertaining sitcom and I wish there's a new episode twice a week instead of one.  We actually watch some of the reruns because it's truly funny and how can you not love Sheldon Cooper. 
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