Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sportsfan Sunday - There's only two tuners

We definitely need to upgrade our cable service.  For those of you who do record a lot of your favorite shows, sports game, and some music special, you will understand what I mean.  Our
DVR can only two and only two shows at the same time.  Jeff has to do some type of prioritizing the shows in order to accommodate his favorite and mine.  He records some comedy series that we both like and he has some of the scary series that I cannot watch.  While he doesn't mind watching some of the sports,  I get disappointed at times because I have to give up one or the other.  Between, Golf, NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA and Tennis, it is definitely getting more and more difficult to watch special when they get to the final stretch.  Like last weekend, when the Blue Jays was playing, Golden state warriors was 3-1 for the series, and the Sharks was playing as well.  I was flipping channels and trying to record and unrecord some, it was so confusing.  I love watching record games so I can skip through all the commercials and all the chitchat of the people doing the coverage of a particular game.  Jeff laughs at me,because if the team I am cheering for is winning, I am just so into it.  But as soon as they are down by a few, then I start fast forwarding to where I can see if they won.
Maybe when Jeff gets tired of the service provided that we currently have, we will most likely get some sort of deal where we can have at least four tuners.  Two for him and two for me.  Who is your cable provider and how many tuners do you have?  Any tips on who provides the best sports coverage?  Do we switch to DISH, Direct TV or AT&T Uverse?

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