Monday, October 5, 2015

Manly Monday - Classic Cars

We all know that some men loves their toys more than their wife.  Ok maybe not but some actually do and maybe that is why they are not married.  This past weekend as we were checking some craft sale, we stumble upon some classic cars on display parked towards the back of the lot where the sale was happening.  We had to take photos of these amazing mint condition cars that were on display.  They ranges from 1932 to 1954 to maybe the 60s.  I really cannot tell you what type they are or what model, etc. which is why I took a lot of photos so I can share.  You have to be impressed how shiny and immaculately clean these cars were.  I am it takes a lot of maintenance and cleaning but for the owners who take pride when they drive their cars, it's all worth it.  We like seeing them on the road or on display during some of the festivals in the bay area.


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