Friday, October 23, 2015

Fiddle Faddle Friday - It's just nonsense

When I took a photo of my recent purchase of a type of snack, my daughter was surprised that it came in such a huge container.  I know most of you know what a box of Fiddle Faddle is. Caramel corn with some type of nuts.  It all started when we went to Virginia City and stopped for lunch at this store where they make fresh caramel corn with almonds or whatever nuts you are craving for.  My friend Jean bought some and we tasted them on our way home.  Once we got back to San Jose, the very next day I have been searching for a good caramel corn.  After a week or two, I gave up because none of the ones I saw did not look fresh or appetizing.  Until one day, we stopped by Big Lots and there it was, on the top shelf was a great big jar of Caramel Corn.  It looked really good and of course I bought it.  When I got home, I did not open it right away, I waited a couple of days for that sugar craving.  Being a diabetic, I know I can only taste a few kernels, like maybe 10.  I did it was worth it.  It's going to take me a very long time to finish it.  I just hope it stays fresh.  If you can see the price for this item, then you will understand what you would buy it too.


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