Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sundry Sunday - Assorted pics and mix

It didn't seem like a long time since I did a post and when I checked today, I realized it has been a week.  Some of you will be wondering if I am doing OK.  Honestly, it has been a very busy couple of weeks with weekly golf, golf tournament and more friendly golf.  Aside from all the golf rounds, I am still doing my three volunteer work on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Although I am starting to get tired of the politics of one of them or maybe even two of them.  It has been three years for all of them and maybe it's time to find some other organization that truly appreciates their volunteer workers and not make it too difficult to provide them my free time.  Anyway, enough of that unimportant topis.  Let me share some interesting photos that I have taken lately.
I saw this at Walmart and it's a sign that Fall is on its way.

While working at the Golf Course on a quiet Sunday afternoon, this tiny bird was keeping me company.

This is the latest dessert at Carl's Jr.  I wanted Jeff to order it so I can taste it but we were both full from our lunch.

The biggest JACKFRUIT that I have seen.  I tried to pick it up and it was very heavy - over 25 lbs.

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