Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Will Wednesday - Will and Living Trust

Do you have one?  Are you planning to get one done before the year end? Maybe this is one of your new year's resolution is to get organized and have something in place.  As we get older it seems like we think about this type of things.  I am sure most people have existing will and/or living trust and maybe a power of attorney.  So when is the best time to get one of this.  For families with young children I believe this is a must.  With all the updated information online on this topic, it is possible that by now, most would have current will, living trust, living will, etc.  Probate - that's a scary word specially for the people you are leaving behind or that special person you assigned as your executor.
Are you wondering why this topic today?  First, I needed a word that begins with W.  Second, we have been procrastinating to update ours for the last 7 years.  Third, there is no third. It's about time.  RIGHT.  The good news is that we found a lawyer and will eventually get an appointment in the new year.  Now we can sleep tight and not have to worry, wonder or wish.

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