Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sickly Sunday - It's not the flu

At least I am hoping it is not the flu. WHY? Because I got the flu shot a month ago.  Normally, I would get the flu a week or two after receiving the flu shot.  Except last year,  I was stubborn and tempted faith by not getting the shot.  Well, in February I got the FLU and to top it off, I got the A strain, worst kind ever.  If I recall, I was sick for almost 3 weeks.  Then I had to take some kind of prescription that I feel like I am hallucinating, so I stopped.  Way too strong for me so I just tough it out.  After recovery from that bout of flu, I promised myself that I will get it this year because even if I did get one, it would not be as bad as last year.  So far, it's been OK until yesterday when I started feeling sluggish and no appetite.  I slept most of the day in the hopes that I will get recharged.  It helped a little, but today I am still feeling under the weather.  Maybe I just did too much the past week and drained myself or maybe it's something else.  Just in case, I am drinking lots of fluids, eating lightly as well as eating fresh oranges and cantaloupe.  I also decided just to take it easy for the next couple of days just to make sure I can boost my immune system.  It's time for my nap, until the next post, remember CLEANS (citrus,liquids,eat,avoid,nap,sanitize).

Image result for fight the flu poster

Image result for fight the flu poster

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