Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tiered Tuesday - My sister's skill

While going through some old photos I found in an envelope today, I stumble upon three photos of wedding cakes.  In a way, I was so glad I found them because they were amazing.  Many moons ago, my sister use to bake some interesting cakes, then she started creating some beautiful wedding cakes for special friends.  She never took lessons and this was way before Pinterest and Google.  Maybe she researched it from the books available at the library.  I am not really sure, but I knew that she would make the cake from scratch, the frosting or icing from scratch and the most amazing part, she made all the flowers, leaves etc. also all form scratch.  What I can't remember was that which cake was for whose wedding.  It seems like we have moved out of Yellowknife and was residing either in Whitehorse or in Mississauga.  Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my sister's skill in creating some awesome wedding cakes.  Unfortunately, she does not do them anymore.  A friend of ours was joking around and mentioned that all the couples that had these cakes for  have been divorced.  I'm sure this was not the reason why my sister stopped making wedding cakes.

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