Saturday, November 4, 2017

Snowy Saturday - That white stuff

Really! November 3 that white fluffy stuff arrived and stayed.  Welcome to our first winter in the beautiful British Columbia.   It has been seven years since I last live in Ontario where we have winters.  Yes, I admit, that I have lived in much more colder areas like Yellowknife and Whitehorse where you will have to put up with seven or eight months of winter.  But I guess your body adjust to whatever climate you are experiencing.  So now it is time to toughen it out again.  Back to layering clothes, warm socks, hat aka toque or for Jeff it's called a beannie or maybe even wearing a bola.  Not to forget warm gloves or mittens and scarfs.  It is definitely much more time needed to get out of the house.  You maybe wondering, how much snow came down - a lot.  The first day Jeff shoveled 4 times and the next day, he only did one time in the morning after we got up.  I helped him with the little tiny blue shovel he bought for me. Truly, I needed a much bigger shovel to make a different.  Anyway hopefully none of my followers or readers experience what we went through for our first day of winter.

The first morning of winter for us.

Our back yard, still early in the morning.

Reminded me of the part of Santa's coat.

On the road looking over the mountain.

Jeff shoveling the third time that day.

Almost sunset and the roads have been cleared.

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