Sunday, November 12, 2017

Solitaire Sunday - Staying indoor

Being busy and being productive is a result of staying at home when the snow is coming down and the roads are not clear and visibility is a bit low.  Honestly I don't really mind since I could finish all the several projects that were put on hold due to the move.  Aside from old projects, I ended up with some new ideas as well as different order from family and friends.  . It's like solitary confinement in a good way.  I enjoy what I do for hours and hours and sometime it's hard to realize how much time flies by.  Instead of writing more words, why don't I just share what I have completed.  The two bottles are for my friend Dorothy while the two mini African frames are for my sister.

My sister said that these two will match perfectly to her living room decor.

Final item for the day, just needed a quick case for my paint brushes.

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