Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Winter Wednesday - It's beginning to look like Christmas

White fluffy snow reminds you of Winter Wonderland, right.  But not at the beginning of November. It's too early.  Everyone said that they don't get snow until about a week before Christmas.  Well, they are all wrong.  It arrived on the morning of November 2. You might ask, were we prepared?  Of course we were.  We put on our warm pants, -32C boots, Hudson's Bay Canadian mittens, toque aka beanie, bola and ear muffs, turtleneck, fleece jacket, winter jacket, OK you get the picture.  We had to get out that day as we had a couple of appointments to get too.  So first Jeff shoveled the driveway so we can leave.  When we came back he shoveled again. Then before he took me to my volunteer training and then after we got back.  The next day more snow arrived.  Not really sure who ordered them because we definitely did not.  So Welcome to Canada is what it said.  Today more of that white stuff arrived and I can't decline the delivery. I know it's free but it's just way too early for such.  Honestly, I think Jeff is taking this really well.  It's me that has become a WUSS or woose, doesn't matter how you spell it, that's me at my age.  I don't like cold, slipper stuff anymore. OK I made my declaration, winter is not my favorite season.  But we now live here, so there.  Actually I don't mind being stuck at home since we don't have to go outside. I keep myself truly busy with my crafts, sewing, blogging, baking, music and of course tennis and golf on TV.  Yes, I found my winter sports and it's not outdoors.  There's a sports center that offers Squash and Racquetball, with a small gym and a nice bar (a little too noisy for us).

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