Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tempting Tuesday - Dress making

Have you heard of The Great British Sewing Bee show?  Last Tuesday while searching for something to watch while other shows are being recorded, I stumble upon this show.  We started watching it, mainly me because Jeff was on his laptop reading or watching You Tube of something about RV's.  Anyway, I got really excited and some memories of stuff that I use to do back then.  In my teen's I remember learning how to sew from a couple of aunts (each side of the family).  If anyone can recall Bell bottom pants, bright colored dress with geometric shapes, and micro mini skirts.  Anyway, I did some sewing then, making my own patterns for pants, etc.  So when I saw this show, I wondered if I can remember show to make my own patterns for whatever it is that I can make.  For the next few days I will attempt to either make pajama, a skirt or maybe even a dress.  Although I know I cannot wear them until summer time, it will be a challenge. I could pretend I am part of that sewing bee.  But for now, I will still to simple sewing stuff. It's really time to get busy just in case my neighbor and I decide to do a girl's night of early Christmas shopping - home made gifts for special family/friend. So far I have potato bags, fabric wallets, credit card holders, cell phone charger holder, cleaner pad, pin cushions and maybe some kitchen towel with special embroideries, not to forget some baby bibs, binkie holders, burp pads.  I might need to take inventory so I can figure out how many more to make, just in case.  Two weeks is probably all I have to add more items of everything.  For now the dress or pajama making will be put on hold.  By the way, I also had an idea and made patterns for my home winter slippers.  Here are all my samples of the above items for the maybe sale. I better get going as my neighbor just informed me the sale will be the first week in December. 

Cell phone charger holder

Baby's first set

Microwave potato/corn bag

What a girl wants - set for your BFF

Shopping bag - just when you need one

Crochet hooks holder

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