Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Thursday - American holiday

Why celebrate two Thanksgiving, someone ask? Because the turkey was on sale or better yet because Jeff really likes cooking turkey.  Maybe it is because since we got married we have always celebrate Canadian and American thanksgiving.  But this year it is really interesting because our Canadian thanksgiving was celebrated with our American friends who were visiting Canada for the first time.  Their first visit happen to be our home.  Today as we celebrate our American thanksgiving in our home in Vernon, we are joined by our new Canadian friends who is part of our great neighborhood.  Actually she was our realtor for our home and she is so amazing.  After the sale and all the paper work, she still continues to help us with so many other things related to the our new home.  We cannot thank her enough so we though what better way to show how we truly appreciate all the help she has provided and ask them to join us for thanksgiving dinner.  We will also get a chance to meet her husband for the first time, who by the way was also helpful checking certain parts of the house to make sure it was safe while we were still away.  I am sure you are wondering what will be our menu.  Turkey is the main dish, then the sides - mashed potato, stuffing, grilled assorted vegetables, not to forget gravy and maybe some home made bread/bun. Then for dessert - Tiramisu (personal size in a white wine glass). This is my only contribution as Jeff does all the other stuff I mentioned. For today we would like say our thanks for the following:
  • For our family, for understanding our decision to move to Canada (western side)
  • For our friends, who helped us during our move, garage sale, etc.
  • For my Canadian friends who encouraged and congratulated Jeff on coming to the better side;
  • For the Border officers who made our crossing so smoothly and stress free
  • For the government employees who made all our application process easy
  • For our new neighborhood who opened their arms and welcome us as well as opening their homes for brunch, dinner and drinks.
  • For our banker, insurance agents, car salesperson, Telus and others who just made the transition to our new city so uncomplicated.
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