Monday, November 20, 2017

Mayhem Monday - Minions all together again

All hell broke lose, that's right, it happen when I was opening one of our moving box searching for an item that I packed.  It happened about a month after we moved.  When I opened the box that was marked Christmas stuff, I was almost in tears when I found our Minions Nativity Scene in a mayhem.  I seem to recall that I packed it so carefully and make sure enough protection surrounded it.  Jeff said, "not to worry because we can put it all back together with some glue".  We had to find another star since we did not want to make another one.  Finally Jeff put it all back together and one day we found the perfect star.  Now it is just waiting for the rest of the Christmas decorations to be in place.  Of course we need a tree.  This year we decided we will get a real one.  Our prior realtor of two years ago owned a Christmas tree farm and hopefully we can check out and pick our own tree.

Original taken Christmas of 2016

August 2017 after the move

October 2017 after Jeff glued the manger

Back together again with the star November 2017

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