Monday, November 6, 2017

Monetary Monday - Early Christmas gift ideas

Just in case you have not counted, there are only 48 days before Christmas. Are you ready?  Have you made your naughty and nice list?  Are you one of those that just buy gift card because you don't know what to get that special person?  Today I am trying for the very first time to see if I can monetized my blog by convincing my readers or followers to check out my blog for special gifts for that some one.  Every week I will feature some items you can choose from and order.  At this time unfortunately I am not sure how the billing and shipment will be covered.  With the help of Jeff, hopefully I can have it all set up in a week.
You are probably wondering why I am doing this.  It seems like everyone is telling me that it is a great idea to sell the items online.  The problem is I don't think I have enough audience to do it.  Maybe if you can tell a friend or family to check out my blog, then somehow my audience will eventually grow.  As this is just a trial, I would like to offer a prize for the first one to comment on the featured item.  

Potato bag aka corn bag.  Instructions included inside the bag.

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