Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sharing Saturday - Christmas workshop

There was only one box of Christmas decorations that came with us during the move.  We tried to take only some of the ornaments that had meaning or special.  We knew that we could always buy more or make some for this year's real tree.  That's right, we decided we are going to try and find a nice real fir or blue spruce or pine tree and maybe buy it from the lot that Laurie (x-realtor) owns in Armstrong.  Although we don't really know where it is, we will have to check with a friend for the location.  Last Wednesday, we thought it was time to create some new ornaments.  We were able to find some already made from a thrift store and they look pretty new.  So what is the result of our afternoon of ornament making.  Check out the photos below.  I can't hardly wait to hang it on the real tree which hopefully we will get by the first week of December.

We bought two of these golden Santa and Jeff painted both so it looks brighter.

We bought tea lights and decorated them using pipe cleaner, ribbons and black paint.

These are candle holder that I added flower and rope to be hung as ornaments.

Our Christmas flower arrangement for the front entry. 

We bought the golden balls for 25 cents for 6 and decorated it.

This is for our front door. I think I got this at one of the garage sales in October.

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