Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scrumptious Sunday - Sweet kinda guy

Anything sweet has to be Jeff's favorite.  I am actually surprised that with all the sweets that he consumes, one would diagnosed him as pre-diabetic.  Sometimes I would check his blood sugar just to compare with mine.  Even after having some sweets, his blood sugar is still lower than mine.  I guess he is just my sweet kinda guy.  Although Jeff does not do a lot of cooking except for grilling and his breakfast, once in a while I can get him to make some sort of dessert.  Let me show you his recent creation.  
Chocolate pudding zucchini pecan cake with chocolate frosting and some sprinkles.
Here are some of the photos of meals I have prepared in the past couple of weeks or maybe more.  Some of these meals I use for when we have our B&B guests.  Jeff and I provides breakfast and dinner for our guests.  Lunch is usually going out since we would be already out and about.

Monte Cristo and caramelized bananas

Fish with pesto and cherry tomatoes, stir fry chinese brocolli and steamed rice.

Grilled ham and cheese, cucumber, buffalo wing sauce and a few tomatoes.

French toast, crispy bacon and plain omelet.

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