Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Transformation Tuesday - Bathroom renovations

It has been a few years since Jeff has done any projects in the house.  A month ago we decided to renovate both bathrooms.  We went shopping for materials and whatever piece we wanted to replace.  Since we will be having a guest visiting during the fourth week of this month, Jeff started on the guest bathroom.  As most of you know, Jeff is a true handy man and he figured it will take him just a weekend to finish one bathroom.  And he did except for the last minute touch up and I chose to do a little bit of redecorating myself.  So here's the before and after photos.  This past weekend, he started the master's bathroom.  Hopefully by next week, I should be able to show the before and after photos.


After - the basket is from the garage sale at my friend Jean's home.

We replaced all the accessories to match the door knobs of the vanity.

I am still searching for a shower curtain to replace those circle design.

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