Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summary Sunday - A week is not enough

A week went by so fast, that's what Percy and Sarah said.  I totally agreed with them.  They arrived on a Monday and left on a Sunday.  The schedule that I planned for them was followed except for a couple of changes.  We began their visit with a game of pool between Percy and I since Jeff was working from home and Sarah needed a nap.  Aside from jet lag, time zones and coming back from a 6 month backpacking adventure, she deserved that nap. In the evening after dinner, we took them to Santana Row for a leisurely walk and window shopping as well as a quick stop for special coffee.  Here's is how the rest of their trip schedule.
  • Tuesday - day trip to Pacific Grove, Monterey and Carmel.
  • Wednesday - Shopping at the outlet mall in Gilroy and search of the KT muscle tape.
  • Thursday - Clay shooting in the morning, continued shopping in the afternoon and free concert at the San Jose Muni golf course.
  • Friday - Relaxing day at home, catching up on stories, finally found 3 more KT.
  • Saturday - Arts and Wine Festival in Palo Alto during the afternoon and dinner with friends in Sunnyvale while listening to live music.
  • Sunday- It was time to head back to Toronto.

Lunch at a slider bar in Palo Alto wearing our free sunglasses from Capital One.
These are the most expensive backyard decor, the one beside Percy was priced at $35,000.

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