Friday, August 5, 2016

Faulty Friday - You just have to make fun of it

There's a show in the Bay area where this newscaster videos "People behaving badly".  Most of his videos are about bad drivers.  It is very funny to watch but at the same time if you are out on the road you actually see these examples.  I thought about this for a while and I decided "why not". It all began on Monday on my way home from golf.  While waiting for the green light, by the way I was on the left turn lane but this particular traffic light has not "left turn light".  So there I was waiting and across from me was a while car and I am assuming he was going straight as he did not have his signals on nor if he was turning right, he would have done so already.  We are the only two cars on this particular intersection.  Ooops, there goes the green light, now I am waiting to see what this car would do.  Wow, nothing.  Majority of would say that car had the right of way, right.  Since nothing was moving, I decided to make my left turn.  As soon as I cleared the intersection, that particular car turned right and now it's behind me at a very slow speed. Oh bother.  Now at the next intersection, I just missed the left turn signal which means I have time to watch everyone. One car darted just before the light turn red. Out of no where, a big truck crossed that same intersection, remember the lights have been red for at least five seconds.  Now I really have to pay attention because I am not sure what I am up against.  My left turn lights just turned green and I am hoping that I get home safe.  At the first four way stop sign I encounter, the car on my left who is making a right, didn't even slow down, let alone stop - oh he is making the California stop.  I think this video will cover everything else I have missed.


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