Friday, August 26, 2016

Favorite Friday - My favorite son

Today my son would have been celebrating his 35th birthday.  It is very hard not to wonder and think of the WHAT IF's.  Since he is not here to celebrate today and I believe technically you stop counting after he died, I am at a lost on what to post.  Can I still do the what if's?  Should I just stop and not remember him today?  Is there a better way to celebrate this day?  Can a mother ever accept why her son was taken too soon?  So let me try to just write what comes to my mind at this moment.
  • Would he be married by now and would she be really good to him?
  • Would he have any children, one or two? If I recall it right, he was good with kids.
  • Would he have purchased the latest Iphone7, have an Apple Watch 2, and a matching iPad?
  • Would he have switched to a new car?  Maybe Mitsubishi Lancer or maybe a Sporty car?
  • Would he have given up his vinyl store and return to working for an investment firm?
  • Would he have joined the rest of the POKE MON family? 
  • Would he have stayed in the Ontario area or maybe moved to another province?
  • Would he have gone on fun vacations with his buddies from Oakville?
If any of his best friends are reading this post, I am sure they can add more of these type of questions.  The sad part now is that we will never know the answer.  Does it hurt more not knowing or does it make me feel better just to be able to write what goes through my mind every year on Gino's birthday.   For the first time I was not able to write a poem because I was too busy entertaining our guests.  I feel bad but I know my son would understand because he was a great son who is respectful, thoughtful, fun, dependable, soft hearted, loving, polite, and many more. Happy Birthday Gino wherever you are.  We remember you and you'll always be my favorite son.

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