Friday, August 12, 2016

Frozen Friday - What the F?

While Jeff was so busy with the renovations of the master's bathroom, I had to make sure that I was available to help him.  Aside for making sure that he is fed, I only could do small projects that does not require full concentration.  I had some outstanding sewing to do that I wanted to finish.  My problem was that I had been so into the bathroom decoration, my creative mind was running out of ideas.  I started ironing my fabric that I will use for the kitchen towels I was making. There was a few moments I was just staring at the fabric and the towel.  I told Jeff I need to step out for an hour and do some sort of distraction as I believe my creative mind froze.  When I came back, I found a couple of dispenser for the soap and lotion.  The question, how will the guest know which is which.  I checked my box of stickers and found the perfect style and color.  OK, that was easy.  Next project what to do with the candle.  I need some ribbons, buttons, maybe an owl.  You can check out the result.
Now I think I am back.  Remember the fabric and towel, well it only took ten minutes to complete it.  Since Jeff still has not given me a job to do, I continued with my sewing and finished the squares that we use for some type of exercise that my daughter showed up.  It really works but it's too hard when you are starting.  Now that we have a new set, Jeff and I will have to start over again.  Sorry, gotta go. Jeff wants me to paint the baseboards for the bathroom.  
These towels are not for my new bathroom, they are for my friend's kitchen.

It was a surprise when I saw the owl in my buttons box, it is the right color.

My first idea was just to paint it with a letter L and S, but it was an easier fix for now.
Use one square for each foot and place both hands on the floor.  Slide one foot at a time forward. 

Let me know if you are interested in trying these squares for these exercises.  I know there's so much more floor exercise you can do with these.  We never got to it because the only one we do was already tough but it truly works.

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