Sunday, August 7, 2016

Survival Sunday - B&B (Bed for birds)

If cats have 9 lives, how many lives does birds have?  In the front area of our house also known as the entry way, up above the rafters, small birds have been renting a small area.  A few years ago, Jeff tried to place some rocks, ceramic bunnies, pretend nests, etc.  Unfortunately, these birds seem to really like to build their nests.  Every season, Jeff sees them building it, then the mother bird has her babies, and every morning Jeff hears them crying as the mother looks for their food.  I don't really hear because it's such a high pitch bird sound.  Last Monday on my way out to play golf, I saw something small on the cement.  It looks like it was still moving.  First I thought it was just some feathers.  Well, it was one of the baby birds.  I called Jeff to come out and he picked it up and returned it to its nest.  During the weekend, as I was trying to collect our mail, I saw another baby birds, this time with more feathers.  Again, Jeff picked it up and replace it to its nest.  My SIL said that the mother would not take the baby back because it has some human scent.  A friend of mine confirmed the same.  Jeff decided to take a photo to make sure that there are other baby birds in the nest.  Here's the proof.  By the way, just a couple of days ago when Jeff wanted to take another photo, a bird flew out and landed on the ivy just below the nest.  Not sure if that's the same bird that keeps falling or maybe it's getting kicked out by the mother.  Jeff reassured me that the mother is still around as he hears it feeding the babies.  So they all survived and in the next couple of weeks, they will be all flying out of that nest.  Of course Jeff will clean that are of the rafters until the next renters.  

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